About AsaRx TV

The AsaRx TV Network is for those that refuse to let their health decline and want to put their wellness in their own hands. They realize that their health is a top priority and must step up to rise above mediocrity and crush average.

Here at AsaRx TV Network we understand that with that the outcomes of life are based around the thoughts that you have every day.

During Asa’s years of clinical practice and pioneering the health media movement, we realized that we, as physicians and health care providers, could make a tremendous impact with teaching and inspiring people how to take responsibility for their health and their lives.

And now that day is here. In years past, doctors would make house calls and could encourage a person regain their health. We realized with the power and influence of media, we could still make a global impact by reaching and impacting one person at a time.

At AsaRx TV  we have hosted and produced for over a decade the largest daily syndicated 3-hour health talk radio show in the world, The Asa Show, and we began to witness how lives were being transformed by this caller-driven show with questions and topics ranging from chronic illness like diabetes to better self image and weight management, to some of today’s toughest health challenges.

We then launched our daily television show, The Asa Show, which was seen in over 300 markets and 70 million + homes. The message has been built around the concepts and principles of healthy lifestyle, performance, longevity, and is designed to teach other how to empower themselves to reach new levels in their health and their lives.

So with years of experience in health media, we decided to launch a digital health network, called AsaRx TV,  that gives you access to some of the best health and wellness information in the world. Our goal is to give you balanced information that is evidence-based so you can make informed decisions about your health and wellness goals.

So we welcome you to our AsaRx TV Network family as we reach our audience of 400+ Affiliates nationwide and 200 million homes each week.

Here at AsaRx TV we look forward to bringing you the shows, the content, the hosts, and the information each day to help you reach your potential and become the best version of yourself.